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Hi and welcome to the online version of the Survival Guide
for Erasmus Students
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Here you will find a lot of
tips and anecdotes to how survive
in Milan as Female Erasmus Student. Enjoy!

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Do you know wich one is the best way to move in Milan?

The answer is feet. I surprised you, didn’t I ?!
Yeah, the much mistreated and underestimated feet. Yes, those strange five-fingered protuberances down there. Exactly them.
Well, believe it or not, they are the best means of transport you can hope to have in Milan!

How is that possible?
I’ll explain it to you immediately:

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If you are not a particular lover of walking, or you’re in a hurry, you can still use public transport.

In Milan the ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanese) provides public transport services.
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You can plan your routes in the city and receive useful information through the use of dedicated apps such as Moovit and ATM APP. You can get tickets in the ATM machines, in the metro stations or in places with authority to re-sell (some bars, news stands, tobacconists).
If it’s late and these shops are closed, you can always count on the ATM app, that provides you with the ticket by QR Code. It’s really convenient!

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If you use the subway, prefer the most crowded stops.

taxi car solo

To get around Milan you can also count on the option of getting a taxi or going by car (your own or rented), but these are alternatives which could be very expensive and with a car parking is very difficult to find.

In the city there are many illegal taxis, here are three tricks to identify those authorized:
taxi tips 2

Remember: a white car is not necessarily a Taxi!

During sunny days you can also enjoy the bike sharing services that the city offers: a fast and eco-sustainable way to move around with ease. In Milan the two most popular bike sharing services you can find are BikeMi and Mobike. You can get all the information about prices and passes on the dedicated websites and apps.

bici wher manuale

Do not ride on the roads with the tram tracks: it can be very dangerous!

title_studying in milan

Doing your exams without renouncing to breathing the sparkling air of a new city?

It’s possible!

In the map and list you can find 12 Best Spots to Study (and Work) in Milan.

hanging Out in Milan

Okay, no more studio tips. It’s time to think about fun! Well, where to find some young people to chat with and have a drink?

Milan has several areas where you can find university students, you can see some on the image.

In Porta Romana you can find “Parco Ravizza”, a park dedicated to the memory of Alessandrina Ravizza, a woman who anticipated many feminist themes and dedicated herself to the study of childhood and women’s right to education.

do the shopping manuale wher

I know what you’ll thinking about. The foldable shopping cart is for old cat ladies without a bit of sense of decency anymore. I know. But you know what? It’s the smartest thing you can get. Now, close your eyes and imagine: first strong heat of the year, you’re in the middle of the midterm, the refrigerator cries: you have to go out to do the shopping. 40 degrees celsius in the shade, you drag yourself to the supermarket sweating buckets.

carrello spesa 2
What do you prefer
to have with you when
you come back?

a) Two unspeakably heavy biodegradable plastic bags that will destroy themselves at the first right turn disseminating your shopping everywhere.

b) A very comfortable fabric trolley, with two solid rear wheels ready to support the heavy weight of your food and help you to transport them safely from the supermarket to home.

Okay, take your pick. 👈

"Sciùra" is Milanese for “Signora”, an upperclass lady with very evident status-symbols all over her.

Markets in Milan

As you may have heard, Milan is a quite expensive city. However, there are certainly ways to survive on a budget that is not too high. For example, as you walk through the city, you’ll come across mountains of stalls, selling everything imaginable. Those are the markets.

In the market
it’s possible to find
lots of lovely things
for a ridiculously
low price.

Where and when do markets come? Each day of the week markets take place in a different area of the city, always by the morning.

market illu

On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, you can find one of the biggest market close to the S. Agostino metro station.

all you need is power nap
power nap illu 2

As Erasmus student you’ll have to learn how to manage your time so that you can get around the city and have fun with new friends without compromise your exams. I know it’s hard, but I’ve got a trick to tell you!

Have you ever heard of power nap?

Scientific studies show that sleeping for 10-20 minutes a day increases productivity even more than taking coffee!

Be careful! if you exceed 20 minutes, you will find yourself more sleepy than before!


New tips and suggestions from the paper guide coming soon!

Last Update: Oct. 2nd 2019

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