Wherever She Studies

How to Survive in Milan as a Woman Erasmus Student

Once upon a time in the Erasmus

It was 1987, I was studying Languages in Pisa and for a year I attended the University of Tübingen, Germany.

This is the beginning Giovanna Graziani's story, one of the first Italian women to live a study experience in a foreign country.

"When I left, in my head I had more or less what all the twenty-year-olds set out to do: learn the language, meet new people and have as much fun as possible. All topped with a good dose of fear for the 'foreign' world that awaits us and that will challenge us."

Giovanna was one of the first, but how many female students leave?

Every year more than 20,000 women decide
to do study or work experience abroad

They represent about 60% of mobility and 2.2% of the female student population

Surviving in Milan
as Woman Erasmus Student

As Giovanna tells us, Erasmus student life is full of beautiful and unforgettable experiences, but it is without a doubt a journey that puts you to the test with new challenges to face every day!
So we created, together with the Association ESN Unicatt of Milan, the project "Wherever She Studies": we will organize events and activities that will guide young women on their city discovery and together we will realize a Survival Guide a bit ironic with anecdotes, tips and useful information for new Erasmus Students: for example, did you know that tuna cans are, obviously, the main food in the diet of a university student? 😂

The Project

Wherever She Studies includes:

The Survival Guide

A Survival Guide full of advices and anecdotes useful to women students to get out of their stay in Milan unscathed (or almost!)

Urban Mapping

Urban Mappings: real expeditions where the girls can map the city streets and befriend the Wherriors of Milan!

Girls just wanna meet up!

Meetings that have been a great chance for girls to meet and share tips in person!

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