Wher 4 Students

Wher 4 Students is the educational section of Wher, a program dedicated to spreading good practices on the topic of women's safety in the city by speaking at multiple school levels and offering different activities and products.

Wher 4
Degree Thesis

Wher 4 Degree Thesis is our section dedicated to thesis projects aimed at young university students on the topics covered by Wher.

Ylenia Placanica
March 2020

Thesis Name: Optimisation of evaluation entry

Chiara Briganti
July 2019

Thesis Name: The Wherrior's Starter Kit

Wher 4

Here you can find collaborations with Schools and Universities that use our app to create research projects and publications. Whose results are spread and can be useful for local areas interventions, dedicated to all women and to female students in particular.

Collaboration with Università Federico II
September 2019

Together with the students of the Faculty of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering of the Federico II University, we are developing a project of data collection and analysis on the territory of Naples.

Workshop with
GayStatale Milano
July 2019

Together we worked to make Wher more inclusive and more and more a "safe-place" without discrimination. Stay tuned!

Collaboration with
Unicatt Milano
June 2019

Thesis Name: The Wher Community

Maps made by women for women​