Urban Mapping for dummies

Hello stranger! Ever heard of Wher's Urban Mapping? No? Don't worry! This is what we explain here!

1. What is an Urban Mapping?

Urban Mappings are real expeditions where women, together, map their city using Wher app. Usually live mapping activities are organized in the cities we are activating.

2. How does it work?

Urban mapping involves:

  • An established route to map
  • Checkpoints where we stop to insert the evaluations in the app
  • Social time places: ideal places to take a nice shot
  • Closing time: at the end of the event we go to get a drink all together!

3. Why participate?

Urban Mapping is a great time for the Community to get together: an opportunity to get to know the city better, make new friends and share opinions, advice and whatever else you want!

4. Let's map together!

Our Community never stops and always organizes new Urban Mapping.

Do you want to participate in the next Urban Mapping in your city?

Maps made by women for women​

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Rinascimenti Sociali
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