How do I search for information about streets?

You have three ways to search for information about a street: Search the street on the search bar; On the map, click directly on the road; Click and discover the trend of the road

What is a Street Trend?

Street Trend is the sum of all the reviews collected on a specific street: every time you search for a street you will see the aggregate data and all the comments collected by many different Wherrors.

What is the difference between a "ready city” and a “not ready city”?

Our goal is to provide quality maps: for this reason we would like to inform you when a city has reached a minimum number of reviews, or is ready to be consulted in peace!

Can I insert preview in a “ready city”?

Absolutely yes! Indeed, it is very important to continue to include reviews on cities that have many: this way you can always provide recent and more useful reviews for users.

Can I use the map to search for information in a "not ready city?

Of course! Obviously the number of reviews and information will not be a lot: for this reason we have decided to activate the navigator only when the level of reviews is adequate for us! However, you can search for information through the map and then make a decision about it.

Why do I have purple stretches of a route when I start the navigator?

The Wher Navigator returns the most recommended route from the Wherrior: during this route it can happen that there are sections of road that are not reviewed: these are colored purple!

Because if I look for a street, sometimes the app doesn't find it?

Since Wher is a service that is based on maps, it is essential to use the correct map: for example, if you have set Turin and want to use Wher on Milan, you must change city! At the top left click on the menu and select "change city": there select the city where you want to use Wher

Why doesn't the navigator work in some cities?

Our goal is to provide quality maps: for this reason we make the navigator available only when the city has reached a minimum number of reviews! If your city is in the first part of the mapping activities there is only one thing to do: start mapping like there is no tomorrow!

What does mapping mean?

Mapping means entering reviews via the Wher app. We use the term "mapping" because through the reviews we are really creating a Map: made by women for women! Remember: today only 5% of the data in the open maps is entered by women*

Can I map the same road on all three time slots (day, evening and night)?

Of course! A road often changes a lot in the evening or at night! It is therefore important, if you know a street very well, to review it in all time slot, to give correct and useful information!

Can I map when I'm at home or do I have to do it when I'm out?

To insert reviews it is not necessary to be in a specific place, you can insert reviews where you prefer! If you know the road or the area well, you can do it easily from home or during breaks from study or work. On the other hand, if you don't know well a street, we recommend visiting it to provide more and more correct information!

Can I map roads that have already been mapped?

Absolutely! Indeed, it is a very important activity! You can review both already reviewed roads and "validate" the reviews of a whole road by clicking on the "agree" button. This way you increase the importance and reliability of reviews!

Can I map alone or can I do it as a group?

Obviously the real power of Wher is teamwork! You can review by your own but also with a group of friends. If you want to explore areas you don't know, you can organize a small group and start the adventure: the mapping expeditions are called Urban Mapping! Inside the app, on your profile, you can use the "Tell a friend" function and invite your friends to become Wherrior. Otherwise if you want to know more Wherrors you can write in the Telegram Group of Wherriors in your city: find everything on the Official Telegram Channel! You can also organize an Urban Mapping: it can be a great opportunity to meet girls like you and make new friends: a coffee and a sweetie during mapping is the one that gives the right charge!

How can I write a really useful comment?

The golden rule is this: if you were the woman looking for information, what would you like to see written about it? Our recommendations are: Sum up review information ("well lit area", "street with few passers by", etc.) Contextualize the comment with your characteristics ("I go there every day", "I lived here for so many years" etc.) Contextualizes the comment with the characteristics of the area ("residential area", "university area", "nightlife area")

What kind of comments can I write for reviews of areas that I don't recommend?

In the comment of the review, our advice is to insert the "why" we consider it as such. The reason is fundamental: in this way the possibility is given to the woman who is reading it to have precise information thanks to which she can make a decision. Since the comments are visible to all users it is preferable to take inspiration from these expressions to indicate episodes of crime and degradation: "Street / place / area not well attended" "Road / place / area poorly attended" "Frequent crime episodes" "There are very disreputable individuals" "There are not rare episodes of incivility"

*Source: Rachel Levine, 2018 - Experts estimate that in OSMers, or people who actively contribute to OpenStreetMaps, the percentage of women is between 2 and 5%.

Maps made by women for women​