With Wher you have
maps made by
women for women

With Wher you have maps made by women for women Who said that the shortest route is also the most reccomended? Wher is the first navigator where roads are suggested by women according to how safe they are!

Wher in three words


Our strength is the Community, our Wherriors, women who add street assessments and doing so they change the way of the city. They meet, share experiences and ... organize Urban Mapping, real mapping expeditions! Each of us is Wherrior: just take it out!


Feeling safe on the road increases our quality of life. Feeling that we can literally go where we want helps us to think to be able to go wherever we want, in any context. If I break the pattern that wants a woman to be unable to do it alone, then I broke it. And I begin to behave accordingly


We want to be a small drop that digs the rock day after day... no, it's not like putting like to a post, evaluating the streets is a gesture that takes very little time, which can also become a game and, in the meantime, could have a huge impact​

With Wher you can

Search information about streets

Directly on the map by clicking on the balloons and on the streets, or by searching in the search bar.

Find the most recommended route

A true navigator, like the one you use every day, but that finds the most recommended route for the time slot: day, evening or night!

Give your opinion about streets

Evaluations are composed of objective elements such as lighting and crowding together with your personal advice.

Wher is for you if you are a...


You're a student just arrived in the city who wants to feel comfortable in a new environment, especially going out at night!

Business Woman

You are a worker who constantly moves around the city and needs an easy and fast information tool that allows you to move with more awareness and with little effort!


You are a traveler who wants to truly experience the city that you are visiting and you need real information, just like those you would ask a friend!

...Whatever you want!

In general, you are a woman who does not stop! The important thing is to go: but going with more awareness of the environment that surrounds us makes us live the experience in a completely different way!


Our Cities

Operation Wher is underway in more than 20 Italian and foreign cities! In those with the highest mapping percentage you will already find the navigator enabled, while in the remaining you can already consult the maps and contribute to insert evaluations!

Cities with Navigator Enabled​

Cities we are Mapping

Urban Mapping

Urban Mappings were real expeditions where women, together, have mapped their city using Wher app.

Wher Amazing Projects

Wher 4 Students

Wher 4 Students is our section dedicated to thesis projects aimed at young university students (group projects or degree thesis) and collaboration with Universities on the topics covered by Wher.

Università Federico II
di Napoli

Raccolta e analisi dati sul territorio di Napoli.

Wher Collabs

We like to get involved all the time and we firmly believe that only through mutual influence there is real innovation. For this reason we have launched "Wher Collabs", our program of collaborations with local authorities and associations, whose goal is to continue to bring added value to the territory in new and different ways.

Wher x Car2Go

Sustainable mobility?
Thanks to Wher and Car2Go is possibile!


We are confident that at this point you will have a lot of questions: here are our FAQs!

Maps made by women for women​